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All our offices will be closed
December 26th-27th 2016 and January 2th 2017

Enjoy the Holiday's with colleagues, family and friends!

We wish you a happy and safe Holiday season!

The Holiday's are just around the corner!

Boys and girls – young and old…LET’S ALL PLAY OUTSIDE!


Flexibility, precise, control and modulation of temperature.
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Mobile Application

Fast, easy and secure access, extend the fun and download the new free mobile app for Android.
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Propane Vehicle Conversion Centre

Using propane as an alternative fuel to gasoline significantly reduces operating costs and greenhouses gas.
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New in 2016






P38 Energy provides Ontario homeowners and business customers with propane – an environmentally friendly, readily available, and cost-efficient energy source. P38 Energy is the new brand name of Budget Propane, a company that has provided safe and efficient propane distribution services for more than 20 years. We serve residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, forklift, and fleet transportation sectors. At P38 Energy, we offer a full-service propane energy solution that you can feel good about.

Clean. Abundant. Affordable.

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