P38 Energy provides reliable and safe propane delivery to homeowners and businesses, accompanied by our trademark dedication to customer service.

P38 Energy is the new Ontario corporate identity of Budget Propane, an established company with over 20 years of experience in propane distribution and appliances.

Who We Are

Our new name comes from the molecular formula of propane, C3H8, and provides us with the opportunity to reach more people, in more areas. Our reputation for service excellence is something that continues in P38 Energy, delivered by the same dedicated people. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, while offering responsive and professional distribution and installation expertise. Our Customer Centre and information systems have been customized to conveniently meet the needs of our customers.


What We Do

We offer a wide selection of propane appliances for residential, commercial, and agricultural use, from hot water heaters to camping equipment – browse through our showroom for our full selection. P38 Energy also powers the forklift and fleet transportation sectors with propane – the most economically and environmentally friendly alternative fuel in Canada.

When you choose an appliance from P38 Energy, our experienced installation teams take care of everything – all you need to think about is enjoying your new appliance. Our team will:

  • Help you choose the right propane appliance to suit your needs
  • Connect your new appliance to the propane tank
  • Complete the inspection of the propane system
  • Ensure that your system is in working order
  • Schedule regular propane deliveries so that you always have the fuel you need to enjoy your appliance


P38 Energy is dedicated to providing our customers with the exceptional customer service they have grown to expect, while offering responsive, professional propane distribution installation and service expertise.

Our mission is to share our passion of propane with our customers.

We are dedicated to improving the public perception, knowledge, and commercial awareness of propane, while upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance and product safety. These are the values that guide us every day at P38 Energy.

P38 Energy wants to raise the bar for operational excellence, and we are proud to have people on our team who are recognized as leaders in the industry. We are also a founding member of Propane Facts, an online library of facts, statistics, and benefits of propane intended to improve public awareness and perception.

Our Vision

We believe in the responsible growth and development of the industry and continue to involve ourselves in promoting the use of propane in applications that meet and exceed the highest level of standards compliance. We believe that propane can fuel the world of today and tomorrow as a clean, abundant, and affordable energy source.


P38 Energy is an active participant in various organizations and associations in the propane industry, keeping us current with changes and developments in codes and standards, new technologies, and product advancements.

These different memberships have allowed P38 Energy to consistently be on the forefront of changing regulations and on the leading edge of technology in propane products and services.

P38 Energy is a: