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About Propane

Easier to transport than compressed natural gas, cleaner burning than diesel, and less combustible than gasoline – Propane is an ideal Canadian energy source.

Propane makes sense.

Here’s why:

SAFETY – Propane, also referred to as liquified petroleum gas (LPG), is lead-free. It has the lowest flammability range of all alternative fuels at 2.4 – 9.5% propane to air ratio, meaning that if there is too much or too little propane it will not burn. The ignition temperature of LPG is also significantly higher than gasoline, making propane more difficult to ignite. The odourant added to naturally odourless propane is a safety feature to help easily detect a leak.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – Propane is clean-burning and environmentally friendly. It will not create an environmental hazard if released as a liquid or vapor into water or soil and is not a greenhouse gas.

ABUNDANCE – Canada is the sixth largest LPG producer in the world and has supply that exceeds demand. Approximately 70% of Canada’s annual production, equal to about 8.6 billion litres, is exported because of domestic surplus. Not only is propane bountiful in Canada, it is considered a ‘green’ fuel.

TRANSPORTABILITY – Unlike compressed natural gas (CNG), LPG is stored and transported as a pressurized liquid. It can easily be moved by rail, truck, or pipeline in vessels that are designed and engineered with safety factors and control valves. Fittings are also installed to prevent the accidental release of product.

COST – Canada’s excess supply of propane improves the stability of pricing, which has been consistently around half of the price of gasoline over the last 20 years, according to Statistics Canada.

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“Propane is a versatile, multi-purpose fuel that is highly portable, clean burning, and non-toxic. In Canada, supply is abundant and an expansive infrastructure exists to make it readily available and competitively priced.” 

– Canadian Propane Association

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