Water Heating

Propane water heaters can meet the hot water needs of agricultural operations efficiently and economically.

Farm operations and facilities need to be comfortable and clean, and this requires large amounts of hot water.

Propane water heaters have many advantages over electric units:

  • Lower cost: On average, the first cost of propane water heaters is 20 percent less than comparable electric heaters. In general, they also cost less to operate.
  • Better recovery rates: Propane gas water heaters heat more than twice as much water in an hour, than comparable electric models.
  • Higher total energy efficiencies: All water heaters have efficiency ratings indicating how many BTUs are actually used to heat the water. However, the system efficiency of electricity (taking into account the energy used to produce the electricity in the first place) is only about 28.5%, compared with 93% for propane. Higher efficiency means lower operating costs for farmers.