Infrared Commercial Heating

schwank-ecoSchwank Eco

Model : Eco Schwank
21.5 – 100 MBH

Suitable for industrial and commercial applications

  • Unique patented ceramic tile design increases radiant efficiency and reduces fuel cost up to 50%
  • Up to 50% more radiant efficient than other standard radiant heaters
  • Delivers uniform and reliable comfort to industrial and commercial facilities with high ceilings 16 to 70 feet
  • Reaches full operating temperature within 2 minutes.
  • Rapid rise to operating temperature makes the ecoSchwank ideal for supplying total building heat.

schwank-supraSchwank Supra

Supra Schwank Industrial and Commercial

Up to 65% energy savings! supraSchwank heaters are the most advanced line of infrared radiant heaters in Schwank’s collection of High Intensity Heaters. These overhead luminous gas heaters can be mounted on ceilings up to 180 feet high and will still provide superior comfort and temperature levels for people below with up to 65% energy savings! Perfect for industrial and commercial spaces, plus aircraft hangers, these radiant heaters have been awarded with the highest Efficiency in North America. Choose from our five supraSchwank heater models and see for yourself why these high intensity luminous infrared heaters by Schwank are the best in the industry.