Propane is a versatile and portable fuel. Storage tanks can be sized to fit any location and installed safely outdoors to suit any commercial need.

You work hard every day to balance customer needs with your own.

Your customers want a quality product delivered on time and at a reasonable price. You want to deliver that quality product in a way that is cost-effective and safe. To satisfy both your customer and yourself, it is important to select the energy source that will work just as hard as you do – propane.

Propane can be installed on a stand-alone basis to quickly and economically satisfy any commercial application, anywhere you want.


P38 Energy offers clean and efficient propane furnaces, radiant floor heating, forced air unit heaters, and infrared space heaters for your business.

Water Heating

Propane water heaters can cost up to a third less to operate than electric models and heat water nearly twice as fast.


In restaurants, cooking with propane is preferred for its flexibility and the precise control and modulation of temperature.


Propane-powered forklifts provide operational options and economic advantages, making them an efficient choice for your material handling needs.