P38 Energy offers clean and efficient propane furnaces, radiant floor heating, forced air unit heaters, and infrared space heaters for your business.

From furnaces to fireplaces, propane offers new ways to make any business affordably warm and comfortable year-round, while also protecting the environment.

Forced-air central furnaces fueled by propane on average provide warmer air than electric heat pumps. Additionally, propane furnaces, even ultra-high efficiency models, have low-profile designs, so they can fit into tight spaces with height restrictions or narrow side clearances – even a closet. Many models can be installed and vented in a variety of ways, and some are even certified for zero clearance on side and back, to sit flush against walls.

A new technology in propane heating systems is a combo-heater that uses water heaters to provide space heating. The water heater operates conventionally until heat is needed. Hot water then circulates through a water-to-air heat exchanger coil in the air handler of the furnace, and warm air is distributed throughout the facility by ducts. These units can achieve up to 90% efficiencies for both water and central heating.

Commercial Forced Air Heating

Several models of propane heaters currently available on the market are the result of over a century of research and development. They meet the highest  standards of efficiency and power.

Hanging from the ceiling of a factory, farm garage, commercial space or a warehouse, Reznor, Modine or Sterling unit heaters are a great solution for heating, protection against frost and dust and for summer ventilation.


  • Low installation cost
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Excellent durability

InfraRed Commercial Heating

If you want to heat a space with a high ceiling such as an arena or a difficult place to be heated such as a maintenance shop where the doors frequently open we suggest the low intensity infrared heating.

More and more radiant heating can be found in commercial installations because of its efficiency and energy economy. However, low intensity units are adapted to sites where the height of the space to be heated is less than 14 feet while high intensity equipment are to be used in spaces where height is higher. In both cases, users will appreciate the comfort of radiant heating.

Commercial Hot Water In-Floor Radiant Heating

For the comfort, economy, value and prestige it gives your commercial space, in-floor water heating is one of the most recommended facilities.

The principle is simple: using a propane boiler, water is heated and circulated through a pipe winding between the floor joists or directly inserted into the concrete slab. However, the benefits of underfloor water heating do not stop there.

The water floor heating system eliminates the use of baseboards or vents in the bottom of the walls and allows more flexibility in positioning furniture and fixtures in commercial spaces. In-floor radiant heat is also considered a superior system in factories for employee comfort.

In a radiant heating system, the entire floor acts as a uniform surface temperature, continually releasing heat to the objects in the room. The heat is continuously absorbed, so that the body temperature remains constant. The air retains its moisture and exudes a feeling of comfort. With a radiant heating system, energy consumption is typically reduced by 10% to 30%.