When used as a home energy source, propane offers residential users reliability, cleanliness, and improved performance. On average, it costs significantly less than electricity and is environmentally clean. Propane is energy that you can feel good about.

P38 Energy offers a complete selection of propane appliances and a turnkey installation program, including after-sale maintenance.

Our experienced installation teams will connect your new appliance to the propane tank, complete the inspection of all material, and ensure that the system is in working order from the onset so that you can enjoy your propane solution right away. 

Our maintenance and repair services are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, and you can rest assured with our 24/7 emergency service.

Home Heating

A propane furnace heats up quickly to deliver warmer, cleaner, more breathable air, while reducing your heating bills compared to an electric or oil furnace.

Auxiliary Home Heating

Take advantage of propane heating in almost any room of the house, and you will be very happy with its performance.

Water Heating

Propane water heaters efficiently delivers years of reliable service with advanced controls, durable components, and long-lasting heating elements.


Professional chefs and homeowners love cooking with propane because of its instant and reliable heat, and easily adjustable flame that allows for complete cooking control.

Clothes Drying

Propane dryers generally cost less than electric models to operate, and produce soft, wrinkle-free clothes in less time.

Pool Heating

Propane is an efficient way to heat your pool so that you can enjoy a longer swim season, even year-round, while saving money on utility and operational costs.

Garage/Shop Heating

Enjoy the comfort you deserve in your garage, even throughout a long Canadian winter!


Standby propane home generators provide a reliable source of electricity for your home in the event of a power outage, even when you aren’t there.

Outdoor Living

From barbeques and campfires, to patio heaters and outdoor lighting, propane gives you the power you need to enjoy the outdoors – regardless of the season.