Garage/Shop Heating

Enjoy the comfort you deserve in your garage, even throughout a long Canadian winter!

A propane heater can warm your garage in minutes.

Several heater models are very reliable, safe, and efficient while also requiring minimal maintenance. They can be used to heat a large garage with space for two or more cars. If you find the temperature becomes too cold when you park your car or snowmobile in the winter, or if you want a comfortable workshop year-round, a propane heater can warm your garage to a comfortable temperature in minutes. It can be easily modified to have a separate combustion (fetches the air outside) to allow any garage to be transformed into a workshop garage.

  • Even a garage kept below 0° Celsius can be heated quickly
  • 7 available levels of power between 30,000 and 120,000 BTU

Hot water in-floor radiant garage

In a radiant heating system, the entire floor is a uniform surface temperature, continually releasing heat and warming the room.

Underfloor heating can be installed under any type of flooring (wood, slate, tile, stone, laminate and concrete) allowing multiple design possibilities. A floor heating system works in a very simple way, with hot water flowing through a flexible plastic pipe below or in the floor.

Piping carries hot water into specific rooms or “zones” to warm people and objects in every corner of the room. With this type of heating the body temperature remains constant since the heat is continuously absorbed, while the air retains its moisture and exudes a feeling of ultimate comfort.