Home Heating

A propane furnace heats up quickly to deliver warmer, cleaner, more breathable air, while reducing your heating bills compared to an electric or oil furnace.

From furnaces to in-floor heating, propane is the perfect choice for home comfort.

Aside from delivering comfortable heat, propane furnaces are the perfect home heating choice because they offer:

  • More evenly distributed heat and more breathable air compared to electric heat pumps
  • Decreased heating bills from improved cost-efficiency compared to electric furnaces or oil
  • Durability that allows propane furnaces to last approximately 20 years


More than half of the household energy consumed by most families is used to keep their home warm during cold weather.

Propane forced air furnaces have a 98% efficiency rating, and can reduce your heating costs by 25% compared to most furnaces. A computer program constantly controls the operation of the unit in order to obtain the best performance while making maintenance more efficient.

All models can easily be equipped with an air filter or a humidifier. A long list of security items are featured in propane forced air furnace. Specially designed sensors stop the appliance if the following occurs:

  • Burners do not light properly
  • Chimney is blocked
  • Temperature goes above normal
  • Door to the fan is open

As an added safety feature, the computer system monitors all functions to ensure that any change in operation is easily noticed and addressed.


Water radiant floor heating, also called a radiant floor, allows the temperature of the floor to be higher than the ambient air.

Radiant heating can significantly improve your comfort. It can warm your entire house or just problem areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement or hall. Whatever your option, you will increase your comfort as well as the resale value of your property.

Whether it is for new properties or renovations, radiant floor heating system is the perfect addition to every home. Whatever the nature of the project, radiant floor heating system is a sustainable investment for comfort. The gentle radiant heat provided by this type of heating acts directly on the body and avoids overheating the room.

Concrete floor

For lower floors and garages, the tubing is fixed to the reinforcing mesh before the introduction of the concrete slab. Installing radiant heating in concrete floors is easy and very cost-effective.

Poured floor underlayment

The tubing is installed over the suspended timber floor and incorporated into the poured sub-floor layer.

Suspended floor

The tubing is installed over the sub-floor and coupled with heat exchange plates. This alternative to lightweight concrete is ideally suited for upgrades and expansion.

Between joists

The tubing can be installed between the floor joists. Installation between joists is ideal for upgrading and expansion, as well as the upper floors of your new home.